Living room

The living room is an essential living space for the family and friends. It must therefore be harmonious in order to bring people together in an atmosphere that can be festive or on the contrary very calm, regardless of its surface.

Living room

Living room decoration

The living room of a palace as that of a very small dwelling will depend essentially on the arrangement of colors, materials and furniture with which it is decorated.

Between zenitude and explosions of colors, everyone likes to design this place that welcomes the family, summer and winter time, like an indispensable cocoon. The living room reflects perfectly the lifestyle of the occupants of a dwelling. It can be refined and very classic, straight in its choice of colors or overloaded with decorations and accessories.

It can be high-tech or perfectly romantic crumbling under soft fabrics.

Sometimes a single unstructured lively note is sufficient to embellish or destroy the design.

It will be focused on comfortable sofas or atypically designed according to the taste of each one.

Il sera centré sur des canapés confortables ou conçu dans un design atypique au goût de chacun, dont aucun objet ne dépassera.

The shades of colors reflect the personnality of the those living here

While some prefer neutral colors such as white, taupe, gray, others choose shade of pigeon blue, british green, and even dare much more flashy pigments on a wall, armchair, lamp in order to bring cheerfullness to the whole.

Generally it is advisable not to mix more than three colors when it comes to decorating a room, it is especially true for the living room. They are often chosen in shades, but it is also possible to combine citrus colors, as in packages of famous sweets.

"Bohemian chic" lounges for example, covered with carpets, cushions, draperies, small caulked spaces like caravans, play with all shades of orange, yellow, fuchsia, mauve and many more others, which set the tone of the atmosphere.

Be careful not to let yourself be influenced by current trends.

For the living room it is really important to follow his instinct to feel in harmony with the environment.

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