The universe of colors

Colors are so important in our lives! Enter the world of colors. To get to know them better, we offer a multitude of information and tools.

Color meaning
Choose a color to know its meaning Blue Yellow Red Green Orange Purple Brown Gold Black White Grey Pink
Banking card color
Bank cards

Credit card colors often define the range and advantages which correspond to them

Banking card colors
Rose colors

Roses are beautiful messengers. They are a gift and symbolize great moments of life.

Rose colors
Decoration and colors

Even if the purists only swear by white, and a few stylists by black, colors are essential in a house, an apartment.

Decoration and colors
Hair colors

Scientifically the color of hair is due to the pigmentation of hair follicles.

Hair colors

To each color a code

HTML color code


CMYK code




RGB code




Color code

The HTML color code used on a web pages is in hexadecimal format divided into three parts of 2 digits corresponding to the primary colors (RGB - Red Green Blue). 00 representing the minimum and the most intense FF.

HEX code matching

Indicate your color code number and see the result immediately.

Rainbow colors Colorful butterflies Color festival Colorful women hair

Create your color palette

With this tool, discover the color scheme of a photo you like. Simply drag your photo into our free tool and the palette will be displayed.

Color palettes

The colors are declined in so many different versions that they have to be presented in color schemes. Please find at your disposal, a sampling of hundreds of colors with their code.

See all color palettes
Color Dictionary

Discover the full potential of colors in our online dictionary. From the arrangement conditions to the mood of people. See how to use the different shades of the chromatic circle, learn the color codes and make your project a reality in color… So simple!

The definition of colors
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