Chestnut / brown hair

Having brown hair means wearing a warm hair color, declining all shades of brown. This hair color refers of course to the color of chestnut and is distinguished by a light or dark shade.

Chestnut hair

Chestnut hair

A fairly common hair that everyone will be able to shine, giving it a glossy brown polish. It will also differentiate itself towards the darkest or the lightest.

Very widespread in Western Europe, it counterbalances the dark brown turning black of the Mediterranean people and the blond of the northern people. Genetically, chestnut is composed of eumelanin and pheomelanin whose dosage gives it its more or less brownish shade.

Symbolically, brown is reassuring and constitutes the norm, the delicacy, vis-a-vis the blazing red, the virginal blond and the dark black.

The brown represents since the dawn of time the image of serenity but became more and more glamorous over centuries. It is associated with heavy hair, heady, plump women, lascivious and tender.

It adapts to all haircuts, short, long, straight, curly, with strands golden by the sun, or tinted with red light.

Far from the basic chestnut brown so prized by the colourists, all variations are allowed to ornate women with many variants that they wonderfully display. Because the real chestnut brown, reveals the complexion of the skin.

The issue is the same for men and the chestnut brown personality primarily appears rather discreetly and quickly assert their personality, highlighting clear, blue, green or gray eyes.

Since the beginning of time, people have dyed their hair, by natural means later replaced by very innovative techniques.

Thus, during prehistory, people covered their head with herbal preparations, not to strengthen their capillary system but rather to hide themselves in a hostile environment.

This is why chestnuts brown hair have not finished reflecting the light, playing with it, intensifying its effects on their hair mass.

Between the blond and the black which represent the extremes, very famous chestnuts brown continue to write the movie history and the arts in general, attracting even the lightest hair color, towards this trend which suddenly will illuminate the eye and the silhouette.

A timeless color, which adapts to all trends and fashions. A must.

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