Black cards like Visa Infinite, World Elite Mastercard and Centurion American Express represent power, success, protection and energy.

Black Bank Card

La carte bancaire noire

Their color was consciously chosen to make a clear difference compared to the basic cards.

These "black" cards bring a plus and a dominant aura to all those who use it, even if they draw it as discreetly as possible. Pulling it from your pocket or wallet is not just about making payment, it also shows one’s value, economic and financial potential compared to the average person.

The black is chic, sober, and elegant, it does not let anyone dither and does not allow frills unlike the gold.

This color of credit card imposes respect, honor, and righteousness.

For reference Amex black titanium centralizes all the excellence and quality of the material used, in a small rectangle that says a lot about its owner.

A card for insiders who pay annually a small fortune to their bank to enjoy the benefit of it. It offers a wealth of high-end services in all unthinkable areas, recreational and professionals.

The Visa Infinite is also reserved for an elite clientele and you have to show your credentials to hold it, it is obtained under certain conditions and fees.

Like the Mastercard World Elite, it is reserved for businessmen and decision makers, as its color suggests. It requires to pay huge annual operating costs but becomes a pass-through once you own it.

t materializes success in sobriety, like the black that dresses it.

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