The American Express credit cards offer numerous privileges to their clients. However, their annual fees are substantial and granted upon certain conditions of income and cash flow.

Green bank card

The verte credit card

The “green” was the first from the Amex range created in 1964. The color green was chosen to represent hope, the greenback, stability, trust.

This card is the key for active and professional life, it must be deserved regarding of its high fees and the amounts required for it to be granted. Since then, it has been surpassed by the Gold, the Silver and the Platinum cards which offer more services at higher fees for their holders.

Its convenient format like its color distinguish it from other cards

It remains a specific product, elitist, specifically dedicated to travelers, business people. Small companies do not automatically choose that card since accepting payments through this card cost them as well.

It is a card associated with luxury, perfumery, travel agencies, collecting bonuses each time it is used beyond a certain amount.

Its green color symbolizes environmental awareness nowadays which is no longer incompatible with financial wealth since money remains the sinews of war including for new energies.

The Green Amex as named by its holders is a card that had to be deserved based on the guarantees offered to its elite clientele.

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