Silver-colored bank cards (visa platinium-platinium mastercard-american express silver) have been created for a fairly affluent clientele, to which they are granted, facilitating a large number of steps and transactions.

Silver bank card

The Silver bank card

They represent power, wealth, power. They are a notch below the black cards that are the pinnacle of authority and power in terms of payment banking product.

Modern and elegant, the silver card is proof of financial success, without being flashy, with respect and discretion.

The facets of the bank card technically improve on this map, the materials used to make them also. But the immutable silver color remains a solid proof of financial means.

A sober and chic card.

The Visa and Mastercard Platinum, the Silver American Express keep their promises far beyond their purchase power.

As their color implies, they are the guarantors of seriousness, neutrality with a certain discreet wealth.

A color which represents confidence, stability, construction, union. Between the incisive black and the pure white, the color silver represents the reasonable and safe way.

It is a color one can trust, as the marketing instigators understood for the specific choice of this small magical banking rectangle. Reassuring, the silver card gives access to many personal and professional transactions and negotiations.

A must for an active and organized life.

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Bank cards
Bank cards

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