The Mastercard is often brown, although the decorative circles on the outside are sometimes red and yellowish-orange, as a declination of its general color. It is a basic inexpensive card.

Brown bank card

The brown bank card

It represents safety, classicism, and is reassuring, like the earth she represents and to which we can relate to.

In terms of marketing the Mastercard is offered "brown" to its customers to position itself as a functional and practical card, without any frills.

It is one of the most used cards and distinguishes itself from other cards, despite many similarities with the Blue Visa. It offers similar range fees and features.

It is distinguished by its dark brown color which represents simplicity, convenience.

It is often offered at a minimum annual fee at the opening of an account, for students and professionals, allowing for physical and online payments, but not allowing debits. It is easy to manage, without any surprises, but allowing no broad diversity of action.

Depending on the amounts to be withdrawn, larger withdrawals require authorization from the issuing bank for validation.

The brown of this card inspires neutrality, reinforced by the manufacturing in several layers of uniform basic pvc. With this card there is no complicated material or extravagance.

The Mastercard focuses on fundamentals, the payment of small amounts.

An essential and inescapable card.

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