Gold cards (visa premier-gold mastercard-american express gold) are high-end cards, located in the hierarchy of cards just below black and silver cards.

Gold bank card

The golden bank cards

They display a discreet color despite their spending power.

However, cards such as the Visa Premier and American Express Gold, offer numerous benefits, when they are granted by the bank to the customer based on her income. This "gold" card is granted according to the financial means, offering great services and convenience for a rather expensive annual subscription.

Its color symbolizes money, and ostencious success and remains the evidence of confidence and success in life in general.

The "gold" card therefore represents prosperity, not to say opulence, wealth, financial potential.

It has to be earned, identified by a specific color and a rectangular and specific format, which represent at the same time power, luxury, privileges while comforting ego.

This card is especially convenient because it is declined in many services and insurances added to its purchasing purpose. It is appreciated in the fields of luxury, shopping, travel, guaranteeing the buyer in the event of unexpected reimbursement.

Gold is the essential card for women and men who are company managers, dedicated family leaders, organizers who like to take matter in their own hands.

Card for decision maker, it displays its golden shade to stand out and allow a use that goes beyond daily use, offering a share of dream.

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Bank cards
Bank cards

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