When we talk about red, a feeling comes to our minds immediately: "passion". Indeed the red makes us think of the heart shape of love, the blood, the red rose ... as many symbols that summarizes the passion. We can really say that red is the primary color of enthusiasts!

Red meaning

Red meaning

Red is surely the most fascinating and ambiguous color of all.

She plays on paradoxes, animates passionate feelings in total contradiction: love / anger, sensuality / sexuality, courage / danger, ardor / prohibition ... Without a doubt this color stirs up feelings.

It stands out as a warm, energetic, penetrating and in a certain way reassuring and enveloping color.

On the other hand, it is associated with blood, hell and lust.

This warm color leaves no one indifferent and there lies its full strength: it stirs up passions, whether positive or negative.

Red is particularly well suited with brown. It also goes very well with white and black.

  • Positive meaning: love, passion, warmth, sexuality, zeal, triumph
  • Negative meaning: anger, prohibition, danger
  • Representation: blood, fire, lava, plants (tomatoes, poppy, strawberry)

Red decor

A red element in your decor and suddenly everything changes, be careful not to abuse it ...

Red color decor

Red Logos

Many brands use red in their logo ...

Red logos
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