Purple is the color of royalty, historically because it was a rare and expensive dye. A tasty blend of blue and red, two complementary primary colors. It goes without saying that purple brings a distinguished natural side, with a feminine touch, but very light.

Purple meaning

Purple meaning

Violet is a double-edged color: surprisingly, we love it or we hate it. There seems to be no psychological half-measure concerning it.

Yet, beneath its electric look, purple is the color of sweetness and dream. That is why we link it with melancholy and loneliness.

Purple is the dreamers color par excellence, spiritual people rather than material.

It has soothing virtues on the minds; it helps to calm certain emotions, to curb anger or anguish ...

One of its nuances, the mauve, accentuates even more this reassuring and serene aspect.

Purple remains a difficult color to match: white, black and brown are his only acolytes. Pink, blue or green are absolutely prohibited in the presence of purple.

  • Obtention: purple = red + bleu
  • Positive meaning: dream, delicacy, peace, friendship, meditation
  • Negative meaning: melancholy, solitude
  • Representation: plants (raisin, eggplant), flowers (violets), Bishop’s clothing

Purple decor

If you want to give a royal look to your home, use purple ... but do not overdo it!

Purple color decor

Purple logos

Purple logos are not so common, but some brands have managed to make their mark ...

Purple Logos
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