Rose, the color of girls! (Even if it has become sexist to say it ...) Even if time and generations evolve, the pink remains associated with little girls; who has never heard the famous expression ... "Blue for boys and pink for girls! But the pink can have another meanings, especially when it is less saturated, paler.

Meaning of pink

Pink meaning

As blue is to boys, pink is to girls. It is a color of seduction, romance and femininity.

Whether it is candy pink, pale pink, or fuchsia, pink is a dynamic color punctuated by a touch of delicacy extremely feminine.

Juggling on the woman-child side, the rose and its shades have a seductive side that never falls into excess (eroticism ...).

This color is therefore rather friendly.

It is also associated with tenderness and happiness, as the phrase "seeing life through rose-tinted glasses" illustrates.

It must however be used sparingly. The rose does not apply to all situations.

Primarily reserved primarily for a feminine universe, the rose is a peculiar and bright color that can sometimes fall into excess and make the opposite effect than that desired if it is not used wisely.

  • Obtention: red + white
  • Positive meaning: femininity, romance, seduction, happiness, tenderness, youth
  • Negative meaning: color reserved to girls
  • Representation: flowers (roses)

Pink decor

Pink ... logically it will be the color of reference for your daughter's room ... but not only.

Pink color decor
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