White is the purity of the bride, the white sheet ... This purity only begs to be associated with another color. Indeed, for example, impossible to make a white logo, knowing that most of the supports are white. You must associate it with one or more colors to emphasize it.

White meaning

White meaning

Although white is not strictly speaking a color, the general public classifies it as such.

Perhaps justifiably, because white is from an optical point of view the chromatic synthesis of all visible wavelengths (colors).

This probably explains the meaning we give to it in the Western world: unity, perfect balance.

For generations, white has been associated with marriage, purity, virginity and somehow to perfection and to the divine (papal garment).

On trouve très peu de blancs " naturels " dans la nature.

There are very few "natural" whites in nature. White fits itself perfectly in all contexts: it matches perfectly with all colors, and it is difficult to get tired of it.

However, it should not be used excessively, in graphics, if overly used it can prove "empty" and bland.

Therefore it is better associated with other colors; there is no restriction with respect to white, it goes with the whole chromatic palette!

  • Positive meaning: purity, innocence, virginity, marriage
  • Negative meaning: none
  • Representation: snow, light, milk, wedding dress

White decor

The white will illuminate your room, essential for a beautiful decoration ...

White color decor
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