Attention, we speak of brown not beige ... the latter has another meaning. Brown is wood, leather and chocolate! We can say that the brown is noble, it brings a certain serenity, values known and recognized for a very long time ...

Brown meaning

Brown meaning

Earth color par excellence, brown is a soft, reassuring and almost maternal color.

Neither sad nor joyful, this neutral color is one of the most widespread in both the animal and vegetable world which explains why we feel good in its presence.

It is also synonymous with sweetness, thanks to its association with chocolate, which has a reassuring and protective taste.

Brown is one of the few colors that we do not get tired of.

Even when overly used, this color usually goes very well.

Like all colors, it is advisable not to it alone or at too high a dose. Indeed, if used too broadly its neutrality can make it bland and unappealing.

It goes particularly well with white, yellow, purple and light pinks (old rose ...).

  • Obtention: mix of three primary colors, for example orange + bleu or purple + yellow)
  • Positive meaning: nature, sweetness, neutrality)
  • Negative meaning: none)
  • Representation: earth, trees, food (cocoa, coffee)

Brown decor

We are almost obliged to use Brown / brown in decoration, especially because of the wood ...

Brown decor color
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