A little red and a little yellow and you get orange. A dynamic color that challenges, located in the traffic lights between green and red, the orange color is a benevolent color that is there to warn you and not to punish you.

Orange meaning

Meaning of Orange

This color bears its name for an obvious reason (orange: fruit). It's an invigorating color which provides a dose of good mood wherever it is used.

It is often associated with creativity and communication, because it is true that it conveys optimism and open-mindedness.

Extremely fashionable in the sixties with the hippie movement, unfairly set aside at the end of the twentieth century, orange is coming back!

With yellow it is the color of good mood and dynamism, feel free to use its.

However sparingly; it is a very bright color that must be used in small doses or mixed with close colors such as red or yellow.

  • Obtention: orange = red + yellow
  • Positive meaning: joy, creativity, communication, safety, optimism
  • Negative meaning: kitch
  • Representation: fruits (orange, apricot, melon)

Orange decor

The color orange in interior decor ... is not so common. We will use more the variants of chestnuts or mustard color.

Oragne color decor

Oranges logos

Well, apart from the "Orange" brand, who used orange in their logo, what are the other brands?

Orange Logos
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